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Gold Package

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Full Service

  • 45 min

Service Description

$360 per month with a minimum membership period of 6 months.​ Review of all forms to discuss the details of your protocol needs and desires. Individualized protocols to help restore you to your optimal level of health with our 5 pillars of health, which are Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress and Supplementation. Access to all online and in person seminars and training events. One monthly meeting via zoom for 30 – 45 minutes if Member desires. 20% off cost for lab interpretation and personal drugless protocol design. *Lab practitioner processing fee of $89 per lab paid directly to JD Squared for all packages. *Average length of time for each lab interpretation, protocol design and results and recommendation review with patient approximately 2 hours. *These are the main labs we use, however, there are up to 80 other labs we can and sometimes will use depending upon the patients needs.

Contact Details

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